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Keeping our students safe and happy

Welfare: Services
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Student Wellbeing at ISC

The most important responsibility we have is to ensure that our students are well cared for and happy while at ISC.  We believe that our students will have a positive learning experience if they feel safe and content. We work hard to create a homely, caring atmosphere where students feel relaxed and happy to ask for help if they need it.

We have very thorough safeguarding procedures and training to protect our students and staff.

Nicola Lee, ISC Director is our Designated Safeguarding Lead and has overall responsibility for the safeguarding and welfare of ISC students. She is supported by Al Dadge, ISC Director, the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and the ISC staff, who are all trained to deal with welfare and safeguarding concerns.

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Student Support

Our office is open 8.30-22.00 every day and is staffed by experienced senior staff and trained first aiders. In each boarding house there is a head of house and friendly staff, who are happy to help at any time. Our friendly teachers and activity staff constantly monitor the wellbeing of students and ensure they are well cared for. 

When students arrive on campus, they are welcomed by a member of ISC staff and are shown to their boarding house and bedroom. Students are given refreshments, a tour of the school and complete a short level test so that we can place them in the correct class. There is time to unpack and some activities for students to participate in before an evening welcome talk for the whole school. Students are introduced to staff, informed of the school rules and all necessary information for their stay. Lessons begin the following day. 

Heads of house meet with students on the first night to welcome them to their houses and let them know the fire safety information. House staff take registers at bedtime and monitor how students are doing throughout their stay. There is a weekly house meeting in which all students and staff attend. This is an opportunity to check on how the students are doing and inform them of any important information.

The directors Al and Nic live on campus and our students and parents can contact them on a 24-hour emergency number at any time.

First Aid

Safety on and off Campus

First aid kits are kept in all the boarding houses, main office, classroom block and sports hall. If our students feel ill, we have first-aid trained staff on site and a hospital in nearby Banbury. All management are first aid trained.

Bloxham is a very safe campus, with a lockdown of houses at 23:00, meaning students can only leave in an emergency. We expect students to stay on campus, except when they go on organised excursions with our staff. Staff live on site, so there is always someone available to help. 

When on trips, we also expect our students to follow the school’s rules. We allow unsupervised free-time on trips for older students, with a specified meeting point and time. We meet students every hour and this is agreed with parents and group leaders beforehand. These students must be in small groups and report back to staff each hour. Younger students are accompanied at all times by our staff and group leaders. 

We only use privately hired ISC coaches on trips with DBS checked drivers, we do not use public transport. Staff reiterate safety rules on board our coaches and check that students have their ISC membership cards on them, which details ISC's emergency contact number. Students are prepared for excursions in their British Culture lessons.

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