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Amazing location, exciting trips at ISC

ISC students go on 3 full-day trips to vibrant London, Royal Windsor and the university city of Oxford. There is also a half-day trip to Shakespeare's Stratford upon Avon.

In London, students explore the capital's most famous sights, visit the world-renowned British Museum and go souvenir shopping in Covent Garden. Students go rowing and witness the changing of the guard in Royal Windsor and learn about the university's historic colleges in Oxford. Our students learn all about Shakespeare's life, works and the history of the market town on their guided tour of Stratford-upon-Avon. 

On the first Sunday of the two-week programme there are also opportunities for students to visit a variety of exciting places on our Sunday optional trips to London, the Harry Potter WB studios, amusement parks and places of local interest. There is an extra charge for the optional excursions of around £50-75.

Our staff will give guided tours on excursions, so students can learn all about British culture and history. We also prepare our students for their excursions in British Culture lessons, where they learn all about the history, geography and cultural significance of the places they will be visiting.

Students have the opportunity to use their English in real-life situations on their trips and to get to know their fellow international students. On most trips there is free time for the students to explore or go shopping with their new friends.

The safety of our students on trips is of paramount importance. We have a dedicated coach leader on each trip who carries a first aid kit. Our staff prepare students for their excursions with on the coach safety talks.

There is a ratio of 1 adult per 15 students on trips and during free time students are required to meet our staff at regular intervals. Students are also given a card with ISC’s contact details on arrival at ISC, so that they can contact the school in case of an emergency.