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NEW for 2023!

Outdoor Adventure Experience (Optional)

Get Ready to Push Yourself! 

New! Outdoor Adventure Optional Experience: Welcome

Outdoor Adventure - Learn through Nature

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Build Your Own Shelter

Learn where and how to construct your own shelter.

Learn How to Make a Fire

Learn to set your own fire and cook food for your team.

Learn Survival Skills

Use your English to learn survival skills, how to respond to challenges, and work as part of a team.

New! Outdoor Adventure Optional Experience: Courses
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Outdoor Adventure Experience Overview

Our outdoor adventure experience will give students the chance to challenge themselves to become more independent while immersed in nature.

Our partners at CAMPFIRE WILD ADVENTURES will teach students how to construct shelters, build their own campfire, on which they will cook a meal, and work together to respond to challenges. 

The experience is designed to give students the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom, use their English in real-life situations, and gain skills to become more resilient and independent. Giving young people the opportunity to try new experiences, while supervised in a safe environment, will give them much more confidence to face challenges in their own lives.

*The experience takes place on the optional trip day.*

New! Outdoor Adventure Optional Experience: About

Learning Objectives

  • To practise spoken communication skills

  • For students to improve fluency and gain confidence when speaking

  • To practise and improve listening skills

  • To practise vocabulary related to the outdoors

  • To gain independence 

  • To learn outdoor safety and resilience

  • Gain an appreciation for nature

  • Work on teambuilding and collaborative exercises

  • To nurture life skills, such as problem solving and working as a team

New! Outdoor Adventure Optional Experience: Text


  • For students aged 9-17 years old

  • Expert tuition from the Campfire Wild Adventure team

  • Full-day experience including teamwork survival scenarios for students to practise their new skills

  • Outdoor Adventure Experience takes place on the optional trip day

New! Outdoor Adventure Optional Experience: Text
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